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 K-Goal For Your PC Muscles

k-goal The K-Goal is the newest invention from the folks at Minna Life and came to life through another successful Indigogo campaign – much like the Limon released last year.

What is it you might ask? Well, at its most basic, the K-Goal is an adjustable kegel trainer that gives vibrational feedback when you squeeze it with your PC muscles. That’s pretty neat in and of itself! However what really makes the K-Goal unique is it’s Bluetooth technology. Yes, you read that correctly. Bluetooth. You see, there is a sensor in the K-Goal that can sync to your Android or iPhone via an app. That app then leads you through a series of exercises with your K-Goal and tracks your progress. Yes, the future is now, people!

Now all of that may sound kind of gimmicky. I will admit that we were incredibly skeptical of it at first too. I mean, with all of the kegel weights on the market, why do you need a $149 product that looks like a balloon with an arm on it? Not to be deterred, the fine folks at Minna sent us one and our skepticism soon fell to the wayside when we saw what a powerful tool this could really be.

By now, you all should know about the health benefits of doing kegel exercises. For those of you who are unfamiliar, let me give you a quick run down – they can help incontinence, aid in childbirth and recovery, prevent uterine and bladder prolapse, and increase the strength of orgasm. In short, the are really freaking important! You know this, and I know this. But knowing it doesn’t always equate to doing the exercises we need to do to maintain strong, healthy kegel muscles. For me, part of the issue is that I am goal oriented. I am also a kinesthetic and visual learner. I need to see that something is working in order to stick with it. Not so easy with kegel exercises. This is where the K-Goal shines because it provides “real-time, biofeedback”.

Real time, tactile biofeedback: pelvic floor muscles are often controlled subconsciously, and studies have shown that over 30% of women are not able to correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles without direct feedback. K-Goal’s ability to provide real-time feedback via touch and sight can help you make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. – Minna Life

The K-Goal gives me something no other kegel exerciser does – feedback! I can see on my phone how I am doing with my exercises. I can feel that I am squeezing correctly because the K-Goal vibrates. I can tell my strength is improving because I can see my progress charted in the app. It has charts and graphs! It’s honestly kind of addicting!

k-goal Ok, ok, so how does it work? The K-Goal has two main components – the insertable balloon like portion (I’ll call it a bladder) and the external arm. The insertable portion looks large when you first open the package but it is actually adjustable to fit each unique body. By pressing a silver button on the bottom while also squeezing the large insertable bladder, all of the air will be let out and it will look like a blue raisin! Then, you put some water based lube on it and insert it vaginally. Once inserted, you will press the silver button again while relaxing your vaginal muscles (I found this was easiest while lying down). The insertable portion will re-inflate as much as your vaginal walls will allow, creating a custom shape just for your body! After this portion is done, you press the button on top of the external arm to turn it on, sync it to your phone (once you download the free app), and follow along with the exercises as they tell you to hold, squeeze, pulse, and so forth. Once your exercise is done, the app will tell you how you did and track your progress. You can also set how many times a week you want to exercise!

Cleaning the K-Goal is easy but you need to be cautious about not pressing the silver button at the bottom while doing so. This could let water into the toy and ruin it. Charging the toy is also easy with included USB charging cord. The biggest issue with this product is the size of the insertable portion and the buttons. While you can adjust the insertable bladder, the K-Goal does have a rigid cap at the top for ease of insertion. That cap is about 1.45″ wide which may not be an issue for some but may be too wide for those with smaller vaginal entrances. Also the buttons are fairly tiny and, while not hard to press, may be difficult to feel around for for folks with reduced visual ability.

So is this the kegel exerciser for you? Well, that depends. Yes, it is odd-looking. Yes, it is expensive. However, if you are like me and only stick with stuff if you can see the results, you will love this! It’s squishy, it’s blue, and if you want to train your kegels in a totally new way, well – there’s an app for that!

Toy: K-Goal
Manufacturer: Minna Life
Material: Silicone
Warranty: 1 year
Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Waterproof?: No. Splash resistant for cleaning only
Size: 3.65″ l x 1.45″ w
Strength: 2 out of 5 stars
Noise: 2 out of 5 stars
Lube Compatibility: Water base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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