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While Valentine’s Day is a greWhile Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to initiate some fun activities, you can easily prep your mind (and body) for an easy way to enjoy one another leading up to the day (and for the rest of the year, too!) Think of Valentine’s Day as a way to start fresh and renew your love and passion for one another. Let go of arguments or difficult times in order to look ahead to a year of greater intimacy and connection. Why limit yourself to just 1 day? We present to you our “10-Day Love Life Recharge!”

What you will need for this plan:

30min - 1 hour each day for 10 days


Day One
Communication - Let’s talk!

Take 30 minutes with no interruptions to talk to each other
Talk about how you will commit to this plan for the next 10 days

This is a great time to discuss what you are comfortable with. Remember that listening is also important! Trying new things can be intense or exciting, just remember to remain authentic in your approach. Don’t do things that will harm the relationship, only help it. Ask yourself what you are comfortable with, ask your partner what they are comfortable with. Create a list and check “Yes, No, Maybe”. Scarleteen has a comprehensive list for you to review and complete, or you can create your own.

Further useful tools:

In-Store Workshop! "Keep Love Alive - A Guide To Making Things Fun & Spicy"
February 7, 7:00pm. 

Sometimes it can be hard to keep the spark in a long term relationship. Routine, stress, and lack of time can wear us down and make us forget the thrill our relationships used to have. Well fear not! Our educators have created a special workshop to help you rekindle the spark and romance in your relationship. We will teach you fun games, spicy techniques, and little tricks to keep your love life burning bright for years to come!

Click Here to sign up. Don't miss out! 

Tomorrow: Day 2! Stay Tuned! 


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