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While Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to initiate some fun activities, you can easily prep your mind (and body) for an easy way to enjoy one another leading up to the day (and for the rest of the year, too!) Think of Valentine’s Day as a way to start fresh and renew your love and passion for one another. Let go of arguments or difficult times in order to look ahead to a year of greater intimacy and connection. Why limit yourself to just 1 day? We present to you our “10-Day Love Life Recharge!”

What you will need for this plan:

30min - 1 hour each day for 10 days

In case you missed it, Day 1

Day Two

The Stress-Less Plan 


Feeling overwhelmed? The stress hormone cortisol increases if you are under stress, which can impact your libido, and your desire for intimacy decreases. To help bring your stress back down to a manageable level, yoga or meditation is recommended.

Try yoga at home with a youtube video for assistance or visit a yoga studio.
If you are located in DC, here are a few local studio options: 

Buddha B Yoga located at 1115 U St NW
- Yoga District located at 1910 14th St NW (eco friendly space!)
Freed Bodyworks located at 1337 Pennsylvania Ave, SE (offers gender-nonconforming/mindful curves/gentle/hatha yoga for everyone!)


You can also clear your calendar of excess errands so you can focus on your relationship this month. Less stress and a clean schedule = more time for your sex life!

Tomorrow: Day 3! Stay Tuned! 

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