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While Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to initiate some fun activities, you can easily prep your mind (and body) for an easy way to enjoy one another leading up to the day (and for the rest of the year, too!) Think of Valentine’s Day as a way to start fresh and renew your love and passion for one another. Let go of arguments or difficult times in order to look ahead to a year of greater intimacy and connection. Why limit yourself to just 1 day? We present to you our “10-Day Love Life Recharge!”

What you will need for this plan:

30min - 1 hour each day for 10 days

In case you missed it, Day 1
In case you missed it, Day 2
In case you missed it, Day 3

Day Four

Consider kissing to be a way to speed flirt, or a simple gesture, or something to ignite fiery passion. Are you being kissed enough? If you want to kiss more, make a vow “I promise to kiss you each time we come home.”

Put on a movie and make out! Enjoy the kissing and intimate time.


Go to a kissing booth and take cute photos - these could lead to awesome holiday card gestures in the future.


For sensation lovers, put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the ice cube, trail your lips down your partner’s neck and plant a kiss that sends chills! However you choose to lip-lock, the most important part is doing it!


Tomorrow: Day 5! Stay Tuned!

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