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  1. The Classic: Sliquid Sassy

There are so many great (and also very horrible) lubes out there. But when it comes to our customers’ preferences, Sliquid’s Sassy is the one lube that outshines them all. Year after year, customers of all genders, ages, and sexual orientations select Sassy because of its simple and short ingredient list; its long lastability; and its talent for keeping everything wet and slick. Sassy is truly the lube that unites us all.

  1. The Unique: Bendable Glass

“Ever had sex with a work of art?”

Customers who were looking to add something unique and exciting to their toy collections opted for one of these hand blown, glass dildos. Each dildo is one of a kind and made by local artisan, Benjamin Mathes. Customers left the store with a treasure that offers a lifetime of beauty and pleasure.

  1. The Utilitarian: Super Soft C-Rings

Tantus’ Super Soft Silicone C-Rings are a classic. They are simple, durable, stretchy but firm. Partnered and single customers have chosen this C-Ring for a variety reasons including maintaining erections, increasing penis sensitivity, and decorating one’s junk.

  1. The Surprising: Sensuelle Femme Giselle

This dual stim, rabbit style vibrator got so much love last year. To some, its pink, lightweight, luxurious design were at a glance unassuming. However, many customers were almost immediately mesmerized by the strength of its two powerful motors as well as the massage beads on it’s internal stimulator. That plus the fact that it’s affordable, rechargeable, and has a variety of functions earned it a spot on this list.

  1. The Upgrader: The Joque Harness by Spareparts

Customers tired of replacing their broken strap-on harnesses committed to investing in this durable, comfortable, sturdy harness. Made to fit a wide range of bodies (totally adjustable) and accommodate a variety of dildos (stretchable O-ring holds from 1.25 in to 2 in thick in diameter), the Spareparts’ Joque Harness was a go-to for those ready to treat themselves (and their partners) to a more convenient, reliable strap-on experience.

  1. The Game Changer: Ditto by We Vibe

For many, We-Vibe’s Ditto was a game changer. Novices and veterans of all genders enjoyed this cute little plug because of its ergonomic design and We-Vibe’s signature rumbly motor. But most customers were won over when they learned that Ditto was not only controllable by remote but also app compatible. This was a plus for those looking to have some NSFW long distance anal play as well as those who like to customize vibration patterns.

  1. The Spellbinding: Under the Bed Restraints

Every year Sportsheets’ Under the Bed Restraint System makes it onto the list. In many ways, we have everyone’s bondage fantasies to thank. Its design takes the rest of the credit. The system is low risk, easy to install, and very portable. It makes tying up your person as quick and easy as magic because no hardware, bed frames, or keys (yay velcro!) are needed. Last year, customers of all bondage experience levels bought this item.

Well, our list ends here. Happy New Year! We’re excited for all the pleasure, progress, and innovation that 2018 has to offer.

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