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Before getting into position, it is helpful to briefly talk about where and what the G-spot is. The G-spot is an erogenous zone located inside the vagina, usually about 2-3 inches in, against the anterior wall (the tummy side). It becomes swollen and sensitive during arousal as a result of swelling in the Skene’s gland. Because of this, stimulation is reliant on arousal; if you are not aroused, you will likely not be able to find or stimulate it. It also means that if this gland is very small or nonexistent, stimulation of this area may not result in much pleasure at all. Remember: each body is different. Number one below may give you a better sense of your (or partner’s) body.

1 - Come Hither

“Come hither” isn’t so much a position in the typical sense, and involves penetration with fingers to find or stimulate the g-spot alone or with a partner.

Lie on your back and, using fingers to penetrate the vagina 2-3 inches, feel tummy-side for a slightly less smooth area (that kind of resembles the roof of the mouth but a lot softer) and curl your finger(s) against it in the traditional “come hither” motion. If aroused, you should feel the squishiness of the urethral sponge that indicates that you’ve found the spot. Direct and persistent stimulation can sometimes lead to the feeling of having to urinate; this is completely normal and can sometimes result in ejaculation.



2 - Rear Entry (or modified Doggy Style)

 This slight twist on the classic doggy style is exactly as it sounds: the penetrating partner enters the vagina from behind while the receiving partner lies on their stomach. Because the modification involves lying flat rather than kneeling, it is good for those who may have trouble staying on their hands and knees. Plus, the close-contact aspect of this position is good for creating a feeling of being completely surrounded by pleasure. For maximum pleasure, it helps to focus more on a grinding motion rather than a in-and-out thrusting. Placing a pillow under the hips can assist with directing movement downward into the G-spot and prevent the penetrating partner from sliding out.

3 - Have a Seat



Have a Seat is a seated position that allows G-Spot stimulation to occur anywhere you can sit! Chairs, stools, bed edges, and ottomans are all game. The penetrating partner sits and the receiving partner sits on their lap facing the same direction. This allows for a lot of bouncing motion provided by the leverage of having feet on the floor. The receiving partner can sit straight or lean back against partner’s chest for more G-spot friendly angles.

4 - Butterfly

This slightly more advanced position relies on a bit more flexibility and is more dependent on height than many seated or lying positions. In Butterfly, the penetrating partner stands while the receiving partner lies on their back on the edge of a bed, table, etc.

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Butterfly Position - Kinkly

The receiving partner places their feet on the other’s shoulders for an angle that encourages delightfully deep penetration. Using a pillow or wedge beneath the hips or bum can assist with this angling.

5 - Bent Spoons



Finally, one for those who may want to add a bit of kink to an otherwise pretty lazy position. Starting in spooning position with the penetrating partner acting as big spoon, the little spoon (receiving partner) can place their arm(s) behind their back, allowing them to be held for control. If the receiving partner is flexible, they can try bending at the hip with more severe angles providing more direct G-spot stimulation.


For more positions focusing on an entire range of bodies and erogenous zones, check out store favorite Sex Positions for Every Body by Dr. Jill McDevitt

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