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5 Things You Need For A Nice or Naughty Holiday
  1.  Nice: PrimO Apex

The PrimO Apex is a comfortable, silicone cock ring with a removeable bullet that has four vibration settings. It is waterproof and comes in multiple colours. Not only can the Apex be used for introducing mutual pleasure via vibration into penetrative intercourse – at the base of the shaft and possibly the clitoris because of the longer, vertical head – but it can stretch around the testicles as well in order to prolong stamina and delay ejaculation. Also, if you or your partner does not own a penis, the Apex can fit around a dildo, such as the Slow Drive (which is harness-compatible) and still achieve the same effect.

Accessorise with: any of our water-based flavored lube (perfect for performing oral)!

  1.  Naughty: T-Cup Nipple Suction Set

The T-Cup Nipple Suction Set is a unique way to take on sensation play in the bedroom. Each turn of the screw adds a degree of suction which can feel amazing on anyone with nipples. However, if nipple play isn’t for you, but you are interested in cupping, these can also double as little cups which you can use on any other part of the body (as long as the skin isn’t broken or irritated, and the area is flat enough to let the cup seal).

Accessorise with: any flavor of Nipple Nibblers!

  1.  Nice: We Vibe Touch

One of the most powerful toys we carry, the Touch is very flexible as a external vibrator. Made out of silky smooth silicone, and waterproof, the Touch is a fantastic clitoral vibrator. However, the shape of the toy also makes it compatible with applying vibration to the head of a penis. The soft and super bendy, pointed tip can also fit perfectly against the frenulum. The curve and the ability to press the bendy tip into the body allows it to cup the testicles or press into the sensitive perineum (which can be coupled with oral stimulation for more fun). The Touch can be used as an enhancer for penetrative sex – PIV or strap-on – by holding it against the pubic bone, which can transfer vibrations up the penis or dildo. The bendy tip can also be used for nipple stimulation.

Accessorise with: Shunga Erotic massage oils (in-store only) to enhance stimulation and introduce a sensual aspect!

  1.  Naughty: Floggers

Floggers are a good go-to for stimulation. If you’re interested in leather, a good starting place is deer hide because of its light and soft quality. Cowhide is decent medium weight, with a “thuddier” impact. Our in-store selection has a variety of other materials such as elk hide, paracord, synthetic leather, and rubber. Come in to see our products and to ask questions about what kind of flogger (what kind of material, length, etc) is right for you!

Accessorise with: impact play can be more exciting when a restraint element is added, and you can come in-store to see our rope selection. Another exciting element to bedroom BDSM: erotica! Come check out our selection!

  1.  Nice & Naughty: Our Holiday Gift Guide

So, as sex educators, we know that not everybody’s sexual journey or fulfillment is the same! Different strokes for different folks. Should these choice items not be the particular experience you were looking for, our holiday gift guide is rife with more options in both the “nice” and “naughty” categories. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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