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7 Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

1 - Communicate

The first Valentine’s idea we’ll offer is communication. We can never stress this enough. A strong foundation of open and honest communication can make or break a relationship, hook-up, or sexual or romantic experience of any kind. This can look like anything from taking a moment to share feelings that come up during sex or even day-to-day conversations outlining interests, fantasies, and hard limits. For some guidance on the latter, try a Yes/No/Maybe list. You can try this awesome and comprehensive list by Scarleteen, add to it, or make your own. Compare notes. Discuss. Who knows, you may realize that you share some of the same fantasies.

2 - Destress

Most folks know how relaxing and soothing a massage can be but some don’t consider how much closer it can bring partners. Sensual massage in particular can diversify the way we experience intimacy in our bodies and taking the time to explore the body of a partner or lover can add a layer to Image result for sensual massage gifsexual experiences. Scented and unscented massage oils can help hands glide on skin and a massage stone can provide a deeper massage. Massage candles when melted can function as a massage oil , all while creating a sensual ambience. Try blindfolding a partner (with consent) and experimenting with different sensations, gentle and less gentle for a new experience.

3 - Kiss

Like massaging, kissing can be a way to express intimacy and form new physical connections. If you’re used to cheek and lip kissing, try taking the time to kiss as much of the body as you can manage (and have been given consent to). Alternate between soft, feather-like kisses, and more intense, hungry kisses to ignite a partner’s skin with unimaginable warmth. And then add something deliciously edible and lick it off. Due to the softness and sensitivity of the lips, the sensations can be enjoyed by both the kisser and kissee. So pucker up!

4 - Pamper yourselfRelated image

Let’s face it, sometimes we just want to feel good even if no one else is there to help us. So here’s an idea for an evening that’s all about you: take yourself out, enjoy a nice healthy meal and draw yourself a bath. Enjoy some alone time with a waterproof toy (or two!) and take the time to truly indulge yourself. Once you’re done, put on something sexy, and go at it one more time, or read a bedtime story. Or maybe you put on the lingerie remembering plans you made earlier with a special someone for a particularly fun night… Which brings us to our next suggestion…

5 - Talk Dirty

A lot of folks will say that the buildup of erotic conversation before an encounter can intensify it exponentially. Others say an exchange of lustful words is all they need to get off. Either way, there is a lot to be gained by incorporating that communication we mentioned into one’s sexual escapades. Maybe send a naughty text saying what you can’t wait to do later tonight or next weekend. Or leave a naughty voicemail quoting something that made you hot in a film or novel you read. Honestly, whether dirty talk is the warm-up or the main event, reading erotica together can be amazing for providing inspiration. Taking turns reading to one another and pointing out the parts that excite you can be sexy and informative, as it can give insight into what a lover may be interested in.

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6 - Celebrate with a Long-Distance Lover

Valentine's can be difficult to navigate for those who aren’t in the same location as their partner(s). Our we vibe sync on desk.jpgprevious tip on erotic conversation can definitely be beneficial but sometimes you may want something different. How does a sexy video chat sound? Maybe with vibrations controllable by a partner, regardless of where they are (so long as you both have an internet connection and smartphone). Or you could use the time for some mutual self-love to show off how you like to use the toy you treated yourself to for the day.

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7 - Have Funerotic dice.jpg

And finally, don’t forget to have fun. Of course fun looks different for everyone; it could be sharing a walk or jog, taking the time to learn something new together or playing a fun board game. And while yes, Monopoly and Clue are super fun to play, they may or may not put you in the mood you want to be in. We recommend trying something simple like erotic dice or an erotic card game so as to not distract too much from the task at hand.

Whether you decide to try out everything we’ve suggested or just stick to a nice dinner and small piece of jewelry, just know that while February 14th is a day we love to pay a bit of attention to, we are available year-round to provide educations, suggestions, and products that allow you to explore your sexuality.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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