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About Us

Secret Pleasures is an education based, body safe sex shop. We strive to provide a comfortable, safe, nurturing and judgment free space for people of all genders and identities to explore their sexuality. We are committed to providing comprehensive sex education and only the most body safe products on the market. That commitment means that we do not carry jelly rubber, latex & PVC sex toys or lubricant with harmful chemicals and additives. You can feel confident shopping with us knowing that our products are not only fun, but safe for you as well.

"We're passionate about bringing quality, fun products to your life."

Have questions about material safety? Come in and chat with one of our knowledgeable educators or check out our blog post about it.

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SP Staff

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The staff here at Secret Pleasures are all positive, open minded individuals with over 15 years combined experience in sexual education. With wide ranging expertise on topics such as sexual communication, sex toy materials, BDSM, STI reduction and much more, our staff is always happy to assist you with whatever questions you might have.

Don't feel comfortable speaking to our staff in person? You can submit an anonymous sex education question on our blog and it will be answered in a post by one of our educators.

Click Here to Submit a question or to Read anonymous Q&As.

Awards and Mentions

Readers' Choice Washington City Paper Best of D.C.

Best Place to Buy Fur Handcuffs 2018

Readers' Choice Washington City Paper Best of D.C.

Best Place to Buy Fur Handcuffs 2015

Nominated for Best Boutique by AVN Magazine 2015

News2Share Interview: "50 Shades of Grey: Kink or Abuse?" February 2015

The Redhead Bedhead: Saving The World From Mediocre Sex blog post "Superhero Sex Shops" Where to find body-safe materials, accurate education and inclusive environments! 2014

Rival Online Publication article "District Sex Shop Secrets" September 2014

Kinkly Online Publication, mention in article "20 Things I Learned On My Adult Sex Ed Journey #AdultSexEdMonth" ("stuff I just don't want in my lube!") by The Redhead Bedhead June 2014

"Santa baby" by Washington Blade December 2013

"Samantha Says: Where to Spice Up Your Sex Life" by Doing the District, A Gamma Girls' Guide August 2012

First Place Best Place to Buy Fur Handcuffs, Washington City Paper 2012