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Question: What’s a dual vibrator and should I get one?


Is more better? When it comes to sex toys, that depends on you, your body and your pleasure. Dual-action vibrators are not better than other vibrators, but some bodies prefer the type of double stimulation that’s possible with them. 

What is a Dual-Action Vibrator?

Dual-action vibrators are sex toys that are designed to stimulate inside and outside of the body at the same time. Usually, dual-action vibes are simultaneously pleasuring the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, although you can also find dual or triple action vibrators that also include anal stimulation. Two-pronged vibrators usually have a longer end that  is intended to be inserted vaginally for internal pleasure, a shorter end to stimulate the clitoris externally, and the ability to use both ends simultaneously and independently. Other features might include different levels of vibration, thrusting or come-hither motions motions, warming sensations, waterproof and recharageable vs battery-operated. 

Shopping for a Dual-Action Vibrator

You may have already heard of one of the most popular dual-action vibrators: The Rabbit. The Rabbit vibrators first came on the sex toy scene in the early 80s and offered stimulation internally to the G-spot through penetration and stimulation to the clitoris through an external vibration (usually the ears of the Rabbit). The Rabbit is still one of the top-selling dual-stimulating sex toys on the market, with their cute bunny-shaped clit ticklers and shafts that offer stimulation with rotating pearls. 

Thank goodness for vibrator innovation that has improved on a lot of the original dual-vibrator features of the Rabbit. Original Rabbit Vibrators are often made of materials that are not safe for our bodies. Fortunately, the Iconic Rabbit 2 is made of silicone and is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries dying on you in the middle of a masturbation session. Another feature innovation, is the improvement of the clitoral stimulation part of dual vibes, making them adaptable to more bodies with flexible and thoughtfully ergonomic arms, like the We-Vibe Nova. The internal part of dual vibes now offers more than rotating pearls, we now have the Thruster, that has a great shape of it’s tip for angled right on G-spots and the thrusting motion moves the shaft up and down. You might also enjoy the ‘come-hither’ shaft of the Ina Wave.  If you’re a fan of anal stimulation, the Lovelife Adventure provides vaginal, anal and clitoral stimulation, is made of body-safe silicone and charges via USB. 

However, like any sex toy, different strokes for different folks - not all bodies will enjoy or orgasm from the popular features. Finding the right dual-vibrator can be confusing, but here are some questions to consider:

  • Is it important to you that your vibrator is rechargeable vs. battery-operated? 

  • Do you want your dual vibrator to be waterproof?

  • Will this sex toy suit your body? Consider the length of the handle, the flexibility of the clitoral part, and the size of the shaft. 

  • Do you know what kind of vibrator intensity is good for you?

  • Is a quiet motor important to you?

  • Are you looking for the internal part to thrust, come-hither or just vibrate?

Getting Started with Your New Dual-Action Vibrator

  • Get yourself in the mood, relax, remove distractions, choose erotica or porn or your own fantasies to get your erotic imagination going.

  • Use water-based lube (silicone is not compatible with silicone toys).

  • Start externally with your vibrator on a lower intensity and explore how it feels to move that around the outside of your vulva, along your labia, circling your clitoris lightly, teasing the outside of your vagina, for example. 

  • If your dual-action sex toy allows you to control the internal and external parts independently, start with one and then add in the other as you get more turned on.

  • When you’re ready for penetration insert the vibrator’s shaft slowly and then pull it out again, allow your body to get used to the size and sensation

  • Once inserted, you can enjoy the vibrations or move it slightly to maximize contact with the G-spot

  • You may have to angle your dual-vibrator so that it stimulates the part of the clitoris that feels best for your body - some people don’t like direct clitoral stimulation, so play with moving the vibration to just under the clit or around the sides and see what feels exciting.

Bringing a new sex toy into your masturbation can sometimes take curiosity and playfulness to see what potential it has. Your masturbation doesn’t have to be orgasm-focused, you can focus on discovering pleasure - what feels good? What feels relaxing? What feels arousing? Dual-vibrators can also be used for external or internal stimulation on it’s own - you don’t have to use all the functionality of the duality. You do you!

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