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Ask A Sex Educator: Coconut Oil and Anal Sex

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 7/22/2019 to Ask A Sex Educator

Lots of people are attracted to coconut oil as a lubricant for sex because it’s natural, long-lasting and some people enjoy the smell. Coconut oil has it’s pros and cons for sex depending on how you’re using it and there are other options for lubricants that bring slippery joy to anal sex!

Ask A Sex Educator: Choosing A Cock Ring

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 5/21/2019 to Ask A Sex Educator

I want to try a penis ring while my boyfriend is open to it, he does not get why anyone would want to use one. How do we go about choosing one that is not intimidating but fun?

Great question! Cock rings can be used by anyone with a penis. Some penis rings are made of materials that create a fixed size, like stainless steel or wood, and many cock rings are made with materials that allow for adjusting size, like leather, rubber and silicone.

Ask A Sex Educator: Building Confidence To Wear Lingerie

Posted by Luna Matatas on 4/23/2019 to Ask A Sex Educator

Question: I really want to wear lingerie for my partner but don't know how to go about choosing something that would make me feel sexy and confident.

Yes! Get your sexy vibe on not only for your partner’s appreciation, but to get yourself flowing with confidence. Lingerie turns many people on because it stimulates our visual sense and our arousal from sex aesthetics. Lingerie can also be a fun way to explore sexy fantasies through costumes, to spice things up between partners, to build body confidence and even to provide a cheeky reminder underneath regular clothing!

Ask A Sex Educator: Penis Size

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 3/12/2019 to Ask A Sex Educator

Dear Sex Educator,

I have a very small penis and is very self conscious about it.  How can I become comfortable with approaching women without thinking they will turn me down due to my penis size?

Worrying about our sexual performance and the desirability of our bodies can steal from our sexual confidence. Being comfortable in the skin you’re in is one of the ways to feel more sexually confident and competent - to feel good at sex.

Ask A Sex Educator: Strap-On Sex

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 2/21/2019 to Ask A Sex Educator

Hi Strap-on Curious,

That’s exciting you want to try strap-on sex with your boyfriend! Everyone has an anus, so any body has the potential to get pleasure from strap-on sex, if they desire to. Exploring a desire with a partner can sometimes be intimidating, we can wonder how they will react, what will they think of us and if it will change how they perceive us. So how do we approach this gently and curiously?