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It’s June again, and that means Pride month has arrived! Check out some of the happenings below to get out, socialize, and build community.

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Two of largest and longest-running annual Pride events are the Pride Parade and Pride Festival. Many folks who aren’t able to make it to other events will show up and show out to these anchor events. Expect large crowds and joyous energy!

Parade route map

If you’re looking for a chance to meet others and make connection in a slightly more intimate setting, two opportunities present themselves through the Gay and Bisexual Seated Speed Dating and Lesbian and Bisexual Seated Speed Dating events.

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Capital Pride Alliance

While Pride month is a great time for folks to come together, it’s easy to forget to celebrate those that we have less in common with in terms of identity or experience. Remembering that the LGBT or Queer community is not a monolithic group with one set of needs and experiences, it may be worthwhile to take the time to engage with members of communities you may not necessarily be a part of. While we certainly don’t condone co-opting spaces created for communities one doesn’t belong to, we do think it’s beneficial to take the time to hear from and about others.

Some identity specific events include:

...to name a few. See the entire calendar of events HERE.

Want to chill out indoors and watch a film? The Reel Affirmations Film Screening has scheduled a showing of Ideal Home.

Or attend the 35th Annual Capital Pride Interfaith Service to experience folks from different faiths coming together.  

Capital Pride Interfaith Service

Being proud can mean recognizing how far we’ve come and also how much farther we’ve got to go. Keeping this in mind, June is a good time to support a local LGBT-focused organization. Support can come through monetary donation, volunteering, or speaking out about issues pertaining to the community in your daily conversations.

Washington Blade

Sports fans interesting in having a good time while supporting local LGBT youth won’t want to miss Team DC’s Night out at the Nationals.  Proceeds from ticket sales contribute to Team DC’s Student-Athlete Scholarships which are awarded each year to local college-bound LGBT student-athletes who, through their role in academics and sports, have enhanced the perception of the LGBT community.

Lastly, let’s not forget that “things to do” doesn’t always have to be events, venues, and socializing. There is definitely space for celebration for introverts and those who just choose not to go out. Maybe take the time to do some journaling about the significance of the month, your identity, or a even list of things you hope to see in the future when it comes to yourself or the communities you are a part of. Questions to consider may include:

  • What am I proud of, when it comes to my identity?

  • Are there parts of me that I’m not proud of?

  • What would it look like to find pride in all of me?

  • What has/will that journey look like?

But most immediately, how will I personally chose to enjoy this time meant for celebrating myself and/or the multitudes of folks that belong to the LGBT and Queer communities?

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Living Out: Black Pride

As always, be safe and enjoy.  Happy Pride!

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