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***CONTENT WARNING: Penis photos ahead***

Step 1. Acquire Clone-A-Willy Kit
Step 2. Acquire Willy to clone (with consent)
Step 3. SCIENCE!
Step 4: Show off Frankencock

Ok, there are a few other important steps in there, we promise.

This tale begins just as you would imagine: “Never in my life…” Exactly. Never in my life did I think I would be creating a dildo, let alone a replica. Never in his life did he think he would be creating a dildo either, let alone a replica of himself. But, sometimes my work requires us to push outside of our own norms. Sure. Great. I passed Chemistry, I can do this.

When I initially asked my partner if I could clone his bits #for science, he was happy to oblige. And he was also having minor anxiety about the situation “Will I stay hard throughout this because molding paste might feel weird?” or “I want to do a good job and not mess this up because it is for your work.” I assured him that all would be well and that we would do whatever needed to be done in order to keep things in a locked and upright position (not like an airline tray table, but a penis)


The Clone-A-Willy + Balls Kit includes 2 molding powder packets (only 1 needed at a time), a thermometer, a wooden spatula, 2 containers of silicone (both needed to fill the mold), a vibrating bullet, a cup and tube that must be taped together and cut to size (tape and scissors not included), and an instruction sheet follow if you lay out and prep your supplies in advance. Smart clone scientists prep supplies in advance!


Cut & Tape the tube an inch above where the head of the penis ends in the tube - if you have a curve to your bits, it’s ok, you just have to cut the tube a second time and tape it in place, which you can see here: http://cloneawilly.com/pages/how-it-works#curved


The next steps are fairly simple: “Mix. Hold.” Mix the powder and make sure it is 90 degrees (which was stressed in the instructions). At 92 degrees I mixed the powder because you have about 30 seconds to pour the mold into the tube, insert bits, hold, and wait. This is the part where you can say things like “bring your cock over here” “Don’t move for 2 minutes. Yes, I’m counting.” Cue elevator music.

Note: Keep the container that you mixed the powder in handy, as you will need it to catch the excess mix that falls out of the tube once bits are inserted. That part is not in the instructions and I had the foresight to hold the container underneath just in case. Try to fill the tube to the brim to ensure a strong base near the testicles is created. You can see that some of the mix was lost even though the cup was full, thus the base was not as sturdy in the final product despte efforts to keep the cup full. But we have faith in you, you can do it!


We are now at the “Pour. Reveal.” section of the experiment. Let’s take a minute to talk about silicone - It’s great because it does not leech chemicals into your body, disinfects easily with soap and water, and it is not porous. These are the awesome reasons that we were excited that this kit was released. However, have you ever had to caulk a shower using silicone, for example? It does not come off hands easily. It washes off with soap and water (and scouring, or peeling off 2 layers of skin). Think of something from Ghostbusters all over your hands. Despite that tomfoolery, it is easy enough to use - simply pour it into a disposable container, mix, pour it into the mold, rest it up against an elevated surface (and near other sex toys in your bathroom?) to let it dry for 24 hours. This kit happened to come in a light skin tone color, however other color options are available such as deep skin tone, hot pink, neon purple, jet black, glow in the dark, glow in the dark pink, and glow in the dark blue. I cannot confirm nor deny that a Neon Purple one will be created in the near future…

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A vibrating bullet toy is included in the kit, with instructions to add it to the silicone. We chose not to add the vibrating bullet directly to the toy because toys can break and there is no way to remove the bullet from the molded silicone. Instead, a hole might be cut in the base with scissors, carefully, to house the toy at a later time.

There were no Oscar’s given to this creation, but the reveal was pretty cool. The mold breaks away from the silicone very easily as long as you ensure that the silicone is dry and not tacky feeling. Once you have removed your toy, wash it with simple hand soap and water. From there it’s a usable dildo, or a paper weight, or a home invasion weapon.

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Overall: Winner. The silicone does a fantastic job of capturing every curve and vein, down to the texture of the testicles. Honorable mentions go to the Tantus Advanced C-Ring and Njoy Pfun Plug as supporting cast members.

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