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Often we hear "Is glass SAFE?!" "Who would use glass and WHY?!"

Well, those are valid, awesome questions. Let's chat about it!


Anyone with a body, of course! Most people have an anus or a vulva that they would like to penetrate. This toy does not know or care about gender/identity. It's a team player!


Why Glass?

Body-safe glass toys (made of strong, durable materials similar to Pyrex) provide constant, firm pressure during penetration. Prostates or G-spots respond well to pressure! Consider the temperature variable - warm it up or cool it down with water. Easy to clean with soap and water. Use any type of lube that you prefer. Lastly, BLING! It’s just so smooth and shiny!


Why the Large Twist Plug?
Note: This creation requires a good bit of lube, especially if you want to use it anally.

The Twist is designed to be used in a more non-traditional way. ----> What does that mean?

Most people think dildo and usually something resembling use for ‘thrusting’ or ‘riding’ comes to mind. The Large Twist is designed to be ‘screwed’ inside, providing a new sensation as it twists and turns internally. It can act as a paddle against the G-Spot or the Prostate. When slid in and out slowly, each twist provides a little popping sensation as it grazes the anal sphincter.  


Body-safe glass, sparkly orifice art, unique sensations.

The twisted texture might be too intense for beginner toy users. Glass gets slippery when paired with silicone lube.

Overall Rating: 8/10


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