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Deluxe Silicone Dilator Set

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This 5-piece silicone dilator set by Sinclair Institute has tapered tips on each piece for easier insertion. The five graduated sizes allow a natural and effective transition and progression while the large bases add control and leverage.  Made of 100% silicone. Use with a water-based lubricant.
Graduated sizes include: 

* Dilator 1 (Yellow) 0.5" x 2.5"
* Dilator 2 (Coral) 0.75" x 3"
* Dilator 3 (Lavender) 0.875" x 3.5"
* Dilator 4 (Blue) 1" x 4.25"
* Dilator 5 (Orchid) 1.33" x 5"

Vaginal dilation exercises may be helpful for people experiencing genital pain, or who are recovering from radiation treatment, gynecological surgery, or male-to-female genital reconstruction surgery. Dilation exercises involve the insertion of dilators of progressively larger sizes into the vagina, sometimes combined with the use of therapeutic vibration. The use of lubrication is typically part of a dilation regimen, to help reduce friction and moisturize the vaginal tissue. 

The primary goal of vaginal dilation exercises is to increase comfort with vaginal penetration by reducing the pain that may be associated with such activities. Dilation can help increase and maintain the elasticity of the vaginal opening. Dilation exercises may also help overcome the anxiety associated with painful penetration, working in concert with conditioning and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. 

For people experiencing persistent or severe pain associated with vaginal penetration, it may be best to develop a treatment regimen in cooperation with a doctor specializing in genital pain. 

Sold as a set only, not as individual pieces.

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