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FAQ About Our Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Workshops

Are there live models?
All of our workshops are set up lecture style and any technique demonstrations are done with representational toys. Due to Washington DC health code regulations we do not use any live models during our workshops nor do we allow participants to practice techniques on another person during the class. We will make suggestions for objects that you may bring along with you if you would like to practice the techniques during class.

How many people attend the workshop?
Our workshops generally have between 10 to 20 attendees. 

Who are the workshops designed for? 
We design our workshops for anyone who is interested in furthering their sexual knowledge and we strive to be as inclusive as possible. We encourage anyone interested in the topic to attend regardless of relationship status, gender or sexual orientation. If you ever have a question or concern regarding our workshops, please feel free to contact us. ([email protected])

Are the workshops for heterosexual couple's only? 
Absolutely not! Our workshops are designed for everyone, regardless of orientation, gender or relationship status. There is an amazing array of relationship types and sexual expression in the world and that fact informs everything we do here at Secret Pleasures, including how we teach our workshops.

What are the workshops like?
Our workshops are not only informative but also a lot of fun! A typical workshop will cover anatomy, communication, sexual techniques and end with a Q & A session. We always encourage participation by asking questions & practicing the techniques along with the instructor (bananas are always in residence during our Blow Job 101 class)! However, we do like to remind our attendees that Secret Pleasures is a safe space and we ask that students keep their participation respectful of the other class members and the instructor.

Who teaches the workshops?
All of our instructors are trained sex educators with several years experience in body positive / body safe sexual education. We also occasionally bring in outside presenters who are considered experts in the field of sexuality.

What are One on One / Couples Workshops?
A one on one workshop is designed for individuals or couples who may not feel comfortable attending a public workshop for various reasons or who would like to learn about a topic not currently being offered as a public workshop. They are also ideal for people who feel they may have more questions than could feasibly be answered during the course of a public workshop. These workshops are held in store only and are conducted by the senior educators on staff. As with our public workshops, there are no live models and, in the case of couples, participants may not practice on each other during the class. A list of appropriate practice objects will be provided if the topic requires them.