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foria lubeThe legalization of medicinal (and not so medicinal) marijuana has been a hot topic these past few years. A plethora of scientific research has been released extolling the health benefits of it – everything from pain and nausea reduction to increased blood flow and skin sensitivity. So it was just a matter of time before a company decided to take the health benefits of marijuana and utilize them for sexual purposes. That company is Foria.

Foria logoForia has created the first marijuana infused lubricant on the market. What does that mean? Well Foria is a blend of high quality liquid coconut oil and pharmaceutical grade marijuana oil. The coconut oil has a low pH level that helps maintain a healthy environment in the vagina and it also has antibacterial properties which can help fight off yeast infections. The marijuana oil contains a concentration of THC which is meant to increase sensitivity and blood flow to the genital area.

I had a chance to try Foria in my travels and found it to be a really unique and incredible product. It isn’t a lubricant in the way we think of traditional lubricants. Foria is meant to be sprayed onto the vulva and inside the vaginal canal. Foria calls itself a “pre-lubricant”. It doesn’t create a slickness but rather a nice moisturization to which you can add a more traditional lubricant later.  The lubricant sprays on clear, has a slight, pleasant coconut aroma and a vaguely herbal taste. Foria is ingestable but the makers caution that a high may occur should a sizable amount be ingested. Once you spray it on (between 4 and 8 sprays are recommended), you should wait between 30 minutes to an hour for it to take effect. In my experience, you will be able to feel when it begins to kick in. My body began to physically relax and I felt a wave of warmth pass through me which was incredibly pleasant. After about 30 minutes my skin was definitely more sensitive. Clitoral stimulation felt much more intense, my G-Spot was more responsive during penetration, and my orgasm was much deeper and stronger. Overall it was a great experience.

Foria will work differently for everybody so my experience may not be yours but if you live in an area where you can legally get Foria (currently only in California and Colorado), I would give it a shot. I think this could be an amazing product for people who have lost sensitivity due to medical procedures or conditions (always check with a doctor first – I am not a medical professional) or just for someone who is looking to increase pleasure. I hope Foria becomes legal in more places soon and that many more people get to experience it because it is a unique and wonderful product!


Note: Secret Pleasures does not carry Foria. Due to the nature of this product, Secret Pleasures does not make any recommendations or endorsements of Foria. All information contained in this blog post is the opinion of the reviewer and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Secret Pleasures as a company. Please check the legality of Foria in your area and have a discussion with a doctor prior to using Foria.*

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