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The Womanizer is a pretty infamous toy. There’s always some reviewer, some customer, or some random person in the grocery store pining over it or remarking on how great it is. “Best toy ever!” “Guaranteed orgasm.” “Just like oral sex.”

Of course once we started carrying the Satisfyer which claimed to serve a similar function, was waterproof, and $70.00 less with a gender-neutral name, customers had questions. All of them boiled down to whether the Satisfyer was a comparable but affordable option to the Womanizer or just a cheap, mediocre, knock off. Well, we couldn’t know unless we tried it. So here it is.


About Your Reviewer

It should be noted that I am able-bodied, queer and cisgendered. I have a vulva with an uncircumcised clitoris. I am not menopausal and while I don’t dislike vibration, I am pretty indifferent to it. All of these factors impact how I am able to use and enjoy a toy. I should also mention that both companies have a whole line products. The two models I am comparing are the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Womanizer W100.  

So now you have a better idea of your reviewer, let’s dive in.

So Why all the Buzz?

Well for starters, both the Womanizer and the Satisfyer offer a different sensation than that of the classic motorized sex toys as they do not provide suction or vibration. Instead they use pressure technology. Womanizer uses their trademarked Pleasure Air Technologie® that is said to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact. This reduces the chance of hypersensitivity and overstimulation (No numbing! No soreness!). Satisfyer uses “pressure wave stimulation” to do the same thing. According to many users these innovating technologies do work. So yay!

Both pair well with solo and partnered sex and can be used to stimulate the clitoris, frenulum and coronal ridge on the penis, nipples, and labia. And since the brain is the biggest and most complex sex organ, I’m sure someone can think up even more erogenous zones and hotspots to stimulate. I have tried both toys on my nipples and there was mild suction, which was a little exciting but not nearly as intense as direct clitoral stimulation. And, even pressing the toys up against my neck was fun.

Another good thing about the Satisfyer and the Womanizer is the fact that they are rechargeable, and hold their charges fairly well. Each toy’s battery can last up to 90 minutes depending on how often you use the toy as well as the intensity levels used. Both toys also charge relatively quickly: 70 minutes for a full charge on the Womanizer and 90 on the Satisfyer. I haven’t had to charge either toy since I’ve gotten them.


Womanizer > Satisfyer

At first glance, both toys have a similar design. Both are made of a body safe ABS plastic, come with a removable silicone head and remind me of rubber chickens.

The removable heads on both toys are too small to fully surround larger clits. So people with larger clits miss out on the full experience of the pulsating pressure. When engorged, the shaft of my clit is pretty long but remains close to my body. So I am very curious of how it would feel to have my entire clit–shaft and head included–surrounded. (Guess I’ll never know.) That said, the Womanizer’s later models (like the Pro Deluxe) come with an XL exchangeable head (There’s hope).

Each has two buttons: a power button and a button for adjusting the settings. Having only one button for the levels was only mildly annoying and not a huge deal breaker as I could jump back to the lowest setting by pressing the power button once.

That’s where most of their similarities end:

  • Womanizer W100 has six intensity levels while the Satisfyer Pro 2 has eleven.

  • The Satisfyer has a more narrow neck than the Womanizer making it easier for small-handed person such as myself to hold.

  • Though the Womanizer is more bulky, it is lighter, which came in handy when I paired it with the Pure Wand.

  • Womanizer turns on too easily (frustrating), but its setting button is perfect (awesome).

  • The Satisfyer’s buttons are very clicky and on the side opposite of its nozzle, which I do not enjoy because I mix them up. The Womanizer’s are on the same side and are noticeably different in size and texture. I prefer this set up because I can use my thumb to toggle between the two buttons without missing a beat or getting confused.

  • Overall, the Satisfyer feels like an old car, kinda steampunkish where the Womanizer’s technology is lighter and more futuresque. I like this about both of them.


Womanizer > Satisfyer

Both toys are louder when off body and quieter when on. The Satisfyer’s lowest setting is quieter than that of the Womanizer. Outside of that, the Satisfyer is definitely the noisiest of the two. At its fifth level, it sounds like electric clippers. To top this off, its buttons click and clack in a very audible fashion.

Guaranteed orgasm?

Womanizer = Satisfyer

Yes, so far. The first time I used the Womanizer the third to fifth intensity levels were super strong; I couldn’t keep myself from cumming. After I did orgasm, my clit was too sensitive for those settings. In the Satisfyer, it’s level three that does the job, so much so that I couldn’t get past that level without climaxing during my first few tries. In my subsequent sessions, I have used the power of breath control and technique to orgasm when I wanted, whether that be within the first 3 minutes or next half hour.

Just like oral sex?

Womanizer = Satisfyer

Definitely not. Well, at least not like the oral sex I’ve received. Like most motorized sex toys, neither the Womanizer of Satisfyer offer enough variation, subtlety, wetness or warmth to fully simulate oral sex, especially not cunilingus.


Womanizer < Satisfyer

In addition to giving me good orgasms, both toys are also strong enough to make the bottom half of my vulva throb in a good way when placed at the vaginal opening.

The Womanizer’s first two patterns are great warm ups. They draw blood to the clit, engorging it, which makes the air pressure work better. The lowest setting is light and subtle which is good for those that are hypersensitive and want something mild. It feels like soft full eyelashes fluttering my clit. Things get intense around setting three, which feels more reminiscent of vibrator. At this setting, I used the toy like a masturbation sleeve, tapping my clit in a fast but gentle rhythm. Setting four is so intense that I use it to stimulate my clit from the side and place it on the lips. This setting is great for edging and it is sometimes nice to go back to lowest setting and start over. I have a hard time getting past levels five and six without orgasming.

The Satisfyer’s first setting is really subtle, even more subtle than the Womanizer, but feels fuller like a purr on the genitals. I definitely prefer the Satisfyer’s lowest setting to the Womanizer’s because it feels broader and less pinpointed. There’s a huge jump in intensity between the Satisfyer’s first and second levels. This is somewhat off-putting because with eleven settings you’d think it’d be more gradual. After level six on the Satisfyer, the settings blend together to the point I can’t differentiate between them. Despite these minor flaws, the toy’s settings are very strong and capable of successfully stimulating other parts of the vulva as well as chasing down my roaming hot spot.

Numb Free?

Womanizer = Satisfyer

Neither of these toys numbed my clit. However at their higher settings, they did make it hypersensitive, which was uncomfortable at some moments and pleasureable at others.

Cleaning & Care

Womanizer = Satisfyer

The exchangeable heads are easy to clean. For both toys, I remove the heads and wash with mild soap (heavily diluted, unscented liquid Dr. Bronner’s) and warm water. Because they are silicone you can drop them in a cup of piping hot water or boil them. I clean the headless nozzles (A.K.A. pressure chambers) with a Q-tip and alcohol or toy cleaner and wipe down the body of the toys with a damp rag or paper towel.

Final Verdict

It’s a pretty close decision. Neither toy is my go to because I tend to prefer penetration, broader vulvar stimulation and more indirect clitoral stimulation. Both are clit-specific and maybe a little too pinpointed and specialized. However, they have been great for getting myself over the edge as well as fattening up the clit for other sexual exploits like clit clamping or receiving oral sex. Overall, I had a lot of fun testing them both out. But if I had to choose one to accompany me for weekend on a deserted island, I would have to go with the Satisfyer. I really enjoyed its first and lowest setting and when it comes to stimulating the rest of vulva, like placing it on the lips, vaginal opening and the fourchette it’s more effective. It is also waterproof, less bulky and has a more chill femme design (what can I say, my aesthetic is pretty chill femme). Don’t get me wrong, the Womanizer is a good toy. It’s truly a luxury item. Customers are most likely paying for its motor, which is superior to that of the Satisfyer. I was more able to believe that the Womanizer was using air pressure technology than the Satisfyer because the subtlety and uniqueness of its sensation as well as the type of sound the toy produced. I imagine it working best for those who hate vibration but prefer direct clitoral stimulation and love the high femme aesthetic. In short, the Satisfyer is comparable to the Womanizer in what it can do (i.e. offer a quick climax via clitoral stimulation) but not i how it feels.

Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2

Material: Silicone, ABS

Warranty: One year; Contact: [email protected]

Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable; Magnetic USB

Waterproof?: Yes

Size: 6.4” x 1.2”

Strength: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Noise: 2 out of 5 stars

Lube Compatibility: Water-based

Cleaning: Mild soap and water or toy cleaner

Toy: Womanizer W100

Material: Silicone, ABS

Warranty: Two year; Contact: [email protected]

Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable, USB charging port.

Waterproof?: No

Size: 6.2’’ x 2’’

Strength: 3 out of 5 stars

Noise: 3 out of 5 stars

Lube Compatibility: Water-based

Cleaning: Mild soap and water or toy cleaner

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