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Holiday Gift Guide 2015!

Significant Other, Friends, Etc.

First on your list, you’ve got your spouse, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone with whom you’d like to cuddle up with on those chilly nights. Here are some great gifts for relaxing and soothing.

deeplightoilInfused with essential oils, Seagrape Massage Oils and candles are perfect for a soothing massage either in preparation for or in lieu of a sexual experience.

Magic Wand 2The renowned Magic Wand is back in Rechargeable form! An exciting dual-use device that can be used as a massager or high-intensity vibrator.

blindfold feather For those interested in light sensory play, a blindfold and Feather Body Tickler will heighten the experience.

womenseroticaAnd if you just want to snuggle in with a book, erotica is certain to keep you warm.

Vulva Owners

Alright, we’re just warming up here. Maybe you want to get a little something more. If you or your partner has a vulva, here are a few ideas to add to their pleasure.

If it is vibration you seek:

217cxZJuKXL._SY355_The JimmyJane Iconic Smoothie is a traditional vibe boasting mild to powerful vibrations with an adjustable speed dial. It can also serve as a powerful vaginal dilator.

akoA crowd-pleasing favorite, the waterproof PicoBong Ako Vibe boasts 12 different vibration speeds and patterns to excite and amaze.

For penetration:

acute317NElNjuOL._SY300_ We carry a wide selection of products by Tantus, but the Acute and Compact are both popular choices for a slimmer or beginner-sized dildo.

Don’t forget the lube!

seaaaaA staff favorite, Sliquid Sea lube provides all-natural lubrication for a multitude of sensual endeavors. Like all Sliquid products, it is completely natural and free of potentially harmful ingredients like glycerin and parabens.

Penis Owners

But wait, myself or my partner has a penis, where can I get an awesome gift for that?? Here at Secret Pleasures we’ve got something for every body! Some ideas for penis owners:

fleshlight masturbation sleeveWe offer multiple models of the ever popular Fleshlight masturbation sleeve to be used alone or with partner(s) to diversify sensation.

tenga3And why not throw in a few stocking stuffers as well!

sir richards condomsSir Richards premium condoms are a great gift to give or receive so that they are on hand when you need them.

tantussupersoftcringThe Tantus Silicone C-Ring is great for intensifying erections and increasing stamina by holding the penis and maintaining blood flow to the area.

Anal Explorers

As sex educators, a common question we get is how to try anal penetration for the first time. And what better a time than “the most wonderful time of the year” to explore this. Here’s a few ideas for those seeking anal pleasure.

41Pq0TTXdTL._SX425_The Bend Over Beginner Kit is designed to be a "starter" kit for those new to anal penetration. It comes with an adjustable harness, a bullet vibrator that fits into a small pocket in the harness, and two dido sizes suitable for those beginning to explore anal sex.

51r7KLsHq2L._SY355_The Luxe Night Rimmer Kit provides three sizes of anal plugs that can be used alone or during sex. (in-store only)

51lgAAG7rUL._SY355_Very important here, Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Lube has the same all-natural and body safe properties of the rest of Sliquid's wonderful products but adds a thickness that provides perfect cushion for anal and has body soothing properties. Don’t forget kids, the anus doesn’t self lubricate so you are gonna want to grab some lube!

Techie Friendly

Everyone has that one person on their list who loves everything tech related. Maybe that person is yourself (guilty). With the continuing trend of technology permeating multiple aspects of our lives, it’s only natural that it is brought into our sexual and sensual lives as well! Here’s a selection of items for the tech-lover.

k-goalThe kGoal kegel exerciser provides a way to monitor PC muscle-strengthening kegel exercises with real time feedback via the kGoal itself and its accompanying bluetooth powered app.

wevibe4plusThe We~Vibe 4 Plus is a bluetooth-enabled vibrator that can be used alone or with others. Its app features the ability to control the vibe and create and send custom vibrational patterns that can be shared with partner(s).

61w+SrIEq7L._SY355_Lelo Siri 2, not to be confused to another Siri you may have already met, responds to music or voice with vibration in addition to preset vibration speeds and patterns. (in-store only)

blueMotionThe OhMiBod BlueMotion is a wearable vibe that includes its own pair of blue panties and can be controlled via bluetooth or WiFi for long-distance play.

Gender Expression

There’s nothing quite like gifting yourself, and this can be especially helpful for those who are looking to better express their gender.

tumblr_inline_ng4n2yDlRi1sguxwfZPierre-300x300Packers like The Classic Soft Packer, a basic and affordable packer, and Pierre, a realistic uncircumcised silicone packer, can provide wearers with comfort and confidence. (in-store only) 

Rodeoh-harness-brief-wred-trim-black-sm-25-26-0The RodeoH brief harness is a high quality harness option that can provide a comfortable way to harness on a dildo without exposing more than the wearer chooses or to be worn under clothing.

rrofelingerieOur selection of lingerie can be a great gift for those looking to express their femme self.

For Those Who “Have It All”

And now for one of the most annoying aspects of holiday shopping: finding something for that person who seems to have everything. But do not fear, SP is here with a variety of unique gifts that will never need to be re-gifted!

ellis3The Ellis Dildo is a super realistic, uncut, dual-density, dildo. It is harness compatible or can be used on its own with its built in suction cup.

20131203_094805Bendable Glass glass toys are stunning glass sex toys made by a talented glass blowing artist. No two pieces are alike so you can be sure your special someone doesn’t already have one!

craveThe wearable Vesper necklace vibe by Crave caters to anyone who wants to incorporate style into their sexuality (or vice versa) by nature of being an elegant, discreet vibe that is worn as jewelry.

Santa’s Naughty List!

Didn’t quite make the nice list this year? Well that doesn’t mean you deserve only a single lump of coal. This is 2015, we’ve got gifts for everyone, even for those who are on your naughty list.

plunge3The Tantus Plunge Paddle is an all silicone paddle that includes a handle that can also serve as an insertable dildo.

sportsheetsunderbedSportsheets Under the Bed Restraint system is a much sought after way to restrain a partner, as it can be kept under the bed and cuffs applied when ready.

52127A part of Liberator’s Bedroom Adventure Gear collection, the Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench offers a creative way to set up for the perfect spanking or flogging. Speaking of which...

PFBE_belting_oOur final gift idea is one of our premium floggers for adding a bit of heavier percussive play.

So there you have it, gifts for everyone on your list - including yourself, because self care is important too! Just wrap it all up with a bow and you’ve got yourself a holiday full of joy and pleasure, brought to you by Secret Pleasures.

Enjoy (Njoy!) and Happy Holidays!

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