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The vibrator (vibe) is the most popular, well-known sex toy on the market. It quivers, buzzes, pulsates, and moves at varying speeds/intensities to provide stimulation to erogenous zones and genitals.

Many, and I do mean many (ok, almost all of us) want to be able to design THE vibrator to meet our needs; One that is strong enough, waterproof, bumper-to-bumper warranty, buys dinner, folds the laundry, and tells us that we are beautiful. The only problem is that the toy would cost $700. It is true, you cannot put a price on happiness, but you can definitely find a happy medium that suits both your pocketbook and physical desires.

How To Choose A Vibrator

1. Consider privacy needs. Do you reside alone? Are you worried about someone finding your toy? If you reside with friends, roommates or family, the noise of the toy and the presentation of the toy should be considered. Many vibrators can be disguised as other things, such as lipstick tubes, rubber duckies for the bathtub, and even plant leaves (necessity is the mother of invention!)


2. What would you like to stimulate? Internal erogenous zone? External erogenous zone? Both simultaneously? Stronger models can double as a muscle massager. Internal vibrators with a curve upward tend to place focus on G-Spot or P-Spot (prostate). Dual stim (or Rabbit Style vibrators) can give you great g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time, but can be a bit bulky.
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3. Shape. Curved, slimline, ribbed. Slimline defines a toy as being slender in design or straight. Ribbed or textured toys add stimulation internally and provide more sensation.


4. Buzzy? Rumbly? Thrusting? Oh my! Buzzy toys can be described as higher pitched, both in the way that they sound and in the way that they deliver vibration. The vibrations do not penetrate as deeply into the body and instead stimulate areas closer to the surface of the body. Thuddy vibrators have a slower, deeper penetrating vibration and vibration pattern. Thrusting is exactly what it says - it thrusts. The Stronic Eins, Zwei, and Drei (1,2, and 3 for non-German speaking individuals) is a toy that was created to thrust in and out of the orifice of your choice. The Zwei has a delightful flanged base and curved tip which is perfect for anal or G-spot play.
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5. Power source - Rechargeable? Battery? Power outlet? Battery operated toys can be quite strong, but on average do not last as long as rechargeable toys. Once batteries begin to die you have to change them for fresh ones. If dying batteries are operating your toy, this is only putting strain on the vibrator motor, thus causing it to burn out faster.
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Rechargeable toys warn you when it is time to refuel for your next sexy session. They also tend to be stronger in function. The cost initially is greater but you do not have to constantly purchase and change batteries when they run low.

If you don’t mind being harnessed to a wall outlet every time you want to play, plug-in options (Hitachi or Wahl 7-in-1, for example) can really pack a punch. These toys were originally designed to remove muscle knots from backs and necks. Somewhere along the way (looking at you, Japan/Europe) people realized that these toys can also force orgasms out of almost anyone in-no-time, thus propelling them into the spotlight as some of the most well known, powerful plug-in vibrator options available on the market today. 
Caution - keep your plug in toys away from water. You wouldn’t throw your hair dryer in the tub, the same applies to your toy.

6. Material - Toy material should be body safe. This means no “jelly rubber”/rubber, latex, or PVC. These materials can break down, mold, or a host of other things. We highly recommend materials such as ceramic, silicone, abs plastic. Yes, we preach a lot about materials at the store because it is important to know what is going in your body. Read more about materials here.

7. Examine / Test on your wrist / Reviews. Your toy has to feel comfortable in your hands. A great place to test the strength of a toy is near your wrist. The skin here tends to be thinner and more sensitive/responsive to touch, which helps mimic how a toy will feel on your clitoris. If you are unable to hold and feel a toy in a shop, or you happen to be purchasing online, many reputable sex toy Bloggers and Sexologists have donated their time and energy into reviewing toys. You can read reviews on their websites and gain starkly honest answers. Reviews are also often posted on company websites.


Notes from the pros:
- Buffers such as cloth, towels, and condoms ease some of the vibration if you want to soften the vibration of the toy.

- Any vibrator for the P-Spot (prostate) should have a flanged base for safety precaution to prevent the toy from completely inserting into the anus (trips to the E.R. are not super sexy)

You’ve done a great job of digesting information, reading reviews, and researching. You are now empowered you to pick your own toys! Should you need help, however, please come in to the shop and ask for further assistance. We're always happy to help! Happy vibe shopping!

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