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Lifestyles SKYN Large Condoms

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At last, a large sized non-latex condom that feels just as natural and soft as skin.

The LifeStyles SKYN Large is just what larger sized SKYN fans have been waiting for! Not only is this condom much longer than an average sized condom, the girth is much wider as well. Yes, well endowed men can finally be as comfortable in non-latex condoms as average sized men are!

Made from top of the line polyisoprene, the SKYN Large is ideal for those with latex allergies due to its incredible softness, stretchiness and durability. Plus, it doesn’t have the tell-tale crinkling sound of other non-latex condoms.

The SKYN Large offers supreme protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies and because of its premium materials and long lasting lubricant, it feels just like bare skin.

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