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LELO MIA 2 BlackThe Mia 2 by Lelo is a small smooth vibrator with a slick, hard plastic exterior that looks a bit like a tube of lipstick and has a built in USB charging port. It’s discreet, fairly quiet, moderately strong (surprisingly so for its size) with six settings, and comes with that great Lelo warranty. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it into the bath with you and wash it easily with soap and water. It’s a pretty little toy with some nice zip to it!

Lelo MiaFolks looking for a small, moderately strong, smooth, and visually stunning vibrator are going to love the Mia 2! It’s an ingenious little vibe with some great design attributes. The cap twists on very securely (it won’t just pull or press off the toy) and covers a USB charging port, so no cords are needed if you wish to charge it on your laptop or on a USB wall adapter you already have. Just don’t forget where you set down the cap! The buttons are covered in a softer silicone and easy to feel and use, without accidentally setting them off. One end of the toy (the cap, which should be twisted back on before use) has a flat tip and other end has a pointed tip, so you can choose what kind of stimulation you’re looking for. Those who like a smooth surface for external vibrations will love this toy. If you need some texture, softness, or a fluttery clitoral stimulation, choose a silicone toy instead of this smooth, hard, plastic one.  

While this toy shouldn’t be inserted, you can be creative with it! It’s easy to tuck into the palm of your hand for a little tease, the firmness and two differently shaped ends make it quite nice for vibrating a crick in your back with deep pressure, or you can use a stretchy c ring to band it to a penis and let it sit there and vibrate for a delightful tease. Pressed against the base of a dildo it will transmit some vibrations, but not much. You might prefer a wand vibrator for that purpose, or a dildo with a bullet vibe hole and appropriately sized bullet vibe. However, this could be the right choice for you if you want something that is well made and portable, attractive, waterproof, smooth, and moderately strong.

Toy: Mia 2
Manufacturer: Lelo
Material: Hard Plastic
Warranty: 1 year
Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 4.4″ l x 0.09″ w
Strength: 2 out of 5 stars
Noise: 2 out of 5 stars
Lube Compatibility: Water base or silicone
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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