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New Toys, Just In Time For The Holidays!


The first of our new items is Eva, “The First Hands-Free, Strap-Free, Non-Intrusive Couples Vibrator”. The vibe fits comfortably under the labia to provide clitoral stimulation that does not interfere with any other activity. This is a great gift for anyone looking to incorporate vibration into partnered sex.


Adding to our collection of body-safe items is Good Clean Love’s 100% natural Love Oils. Essential oils combine with the body’s own chemistry to create arousing scents that vary for each wearer. Choose from  Origins (musky), Caribbean Rose (earthy, sensuous), or Indian Spice (spicy-sweet) to excite your olfactory sense.

Lube is incredibly important and we are delighted about three new lubricant options, also from Good Clean Love, that are sure to provide a quality choice for everyone.


Restore’s bio-match formula works with the body’s own moisture to enhance lubrication naturally. It can also be used as a daily moisturizer.

LubeAlmostNaked4oz LubeCinnamonVanilla4oz

Almost Naked and Cinnamon Vanilla are all-natural, aloe-based lubricants lightly scented with a touch of vanilla and lemon or cinnamon, respectively.


Je Joue’s new Ooh Vibes are customizable vibrators that provide options for every body configuration. A single motor is at the heart of the collection, with three different silicone add-ons to choose from: an internal vibrator, an external vibrator, and c-ring. Three kits group the components together in ready-to-use combinations that are sure to delight.


Expanding our luxury JimmyJane Collection, we present the Form 1, another option for a wearable vibrator. Its slim design and Stay-in-Place sleeve makes it easy to enjoy comfortably and discreetly. Put the bluetooth-enable remote in your partner’s hand for a new experience.


There you have it! A quick rundown of some of the new, exciting items to grace our shelves as the year draws to a close. Whether these items are for yourself or someone on your list, we hope this list has inspired you in time for the holidays.

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