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First on the list is a new and improved version of a popular Fun Factory toy, the Laya II. The original Laya Spot was an excellent vibrator for external stimulation particularly because of the way it’s curved design hugged up against perineums, vulvas, and other erogenous zones. But it’s battery-operated motor left a lot to be desired, in terms of power and convenience. But enter Laya II: rechargeable, more powerful, and covered in sleek black silicone. It’s a win-win, honestly.

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Also from Fun Factory comes two battery-operated vibes that feel different than any we’ve felt. Meet Abby G and Mr. Boss, and let’s take a minute to discuss why we were so excited to feel the vibration quality of these two.

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If you’ve been into our store shopping for a vibrator, you may have spoken to one of the on-staff educators about the difference between “buzzy” and “rumbly” vibration. In summary, “buzzy” vibrations tend to be higher-pitched, on the surface, and sometimes noisy; “rumbly” vibrations tend to have a lower pitch in sound and feel deeper by reaching deeper tissues in the body. But most rumbly toys in the past have been rechargeable and battery-operated models have been more buzzy, due to battery capacity and energy supplied to motors.

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Between fun-shaped, ridged Abby G and more realistically-shaped Mr. Boss, there’s plenty of fun to go around. Oh, and did we mention that you can easily convert your toy into a rechargeable if you choose to? Check out the Hybrid Kit for details.

Another of our favorite and bestselling companies has come out with a fun collection of new toys. You know the company that released the most-recognized couples vibrator and then proceeded to blow our mind with the most powerful bullet vibrator we carry and then another wonderfully-shaped external vibe that some of our staff members are still talking about?

That’s right, We-Vibe has released a number of vibrating goodies that have not come to disappoint.

Ditto is a remote-controllable vibrating butt plug that can be can be shared with a lover or kept to oneself. Its size makes it great for those who are new to anal play and the remote may appeal to those who are looking for something different and exciting, maybe on an adventurous night out... And like many of We-Vibes new releases, Ditto is compatible with the We-Connect app that can allow long-distance lovers to interact through the toy.

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We-Vibe’s Pivot provides their familiar rumbling vibrations and sleek design in a C-ring that can also be controlled with the We-Connect app for customizeable fun. The silky silicone makes Pivot very comfortable to wear without being too constricting and transmits a satisfyingly full vibration without much bulk.

And finally, a new twist on an old favorite, Fifi is a masturbation sleeve that provides a different (and perhaps much tidier) option for penis-owners. With it’s discreet design and disposable sleeves, Fifi completely bypasses two of the most complained about features of most masturbation sleeves: discretion and mess. The sleeve is good option for those who want to keep it simple.

Keep an eye out on our website and in-store for more new and exciting product offerings. And from everyone on staff, we hope that everyone is able to enjoy the rest of the summer. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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