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PRIDE Month Guide To Celebration Of Self

After May’s Masturbation Month, a celebration of self-pleasure, we have Pride Month, another celebration of self specifically for members of the LGBT and Queer communities. As always, we recognize that pride looks different for everyone. Life situations or intersecting identities may make it difficult or infeasible to express one’s gender or sexual identity. Keeping this in mind, we invite everyone to continue to explore what it means to celebrate oneself and to do so in whatever way that may be. In the meantime, we’ve put together a few ideas for products for your “embracing yourself” shopping list.

First on our list is a vibe that does not discriminate. One of the newer members to the SP family of wand-style massagers, the Doxy Wand takes things to the next level. With 20 variations of speed and function, it brings a lot to the table. So whether you use it for  a much-needed back massage at the end of the day or an out-of-this-world orgasm, the Doxy Wand aims to get you wherever you need to be.

One of our shareable dildos like the Sharevibe or Fuse Tango can help you rock out harness-free if you choose to or can be supported by one of our harness options.


Rodeo Harnesses provide a way to incorporate color and daytime wear into harnessing. With classic styles like the brief and new styles like the crotchless, backless panty and button-fly boxer brief, we have a style of Rodeoh designed to please regardless of gender presentation.

For a refreshing twist on the more traditional, adjustable harness, the Joque Harness brings comfort, style, and sleekness to the table as one of our favorite harnesses.

The Duke prostate massager is perfectly contoured to provide pleasure from every angle, including perineum.

By the way, have you met Ellis? With two styles, vibrating and dual-density, this uncut hero is ready to be harnessed in or suctioned-on (non-vibrating model only).

Whether you’re enjoying an outdoor festival or aiming to use a urinal during a night out, the GoGirl (or GoBoy if you prefer) provides the option to stand and pee comfortably. The Model D Sport STP provides a more realistic looking option for standing-to-pee.

We carry multiple styles of packers for those seeking a realistic bulge: Mr. Limpy, Sailor, Pierre, Vixskin Mr. Right

So while we’re based in D.C., we are absolutely enamored with the “What Happens in Vegas” kit that includes a vibrating motor and two interchangeable silicone attachments that allow vibration to be enjoyed by different bodies and partners.

For a discreet yet fashionable way to have a vibrator on you for when you need it, check out the Vesper.

And of course we’ve got plenty of supplies to keep your Pride safe and fun; try taking Sir Richard’s condoms for a spin or maybe trying a new lube.

Sliquid Swirl offers a rainbow range of flavored lubes that not only add a twist to oral play, but are completely safe for penetrative play.


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