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MTM1MzA3MDc3NDY3Njk3MTIyAfter reading The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, one of the wonderfully informative books that we carry in our shop, I was inspired to write a blog post on the topic. Enjoying pleasure from prostate stimulation isn’t mentioned frequently, and when it is, it’s often shrouded in myth. Despite the lack of knowledge and shame surrounding the the topic, exploring the prostate can be enjoyed by many.

I’d like to take the time to address a few of the more common ideas and myths that are often deterrents to exploring the prostate. So here we go!

Myth #1: Only men have a prostate

Reality: While it’s true that many people that were born with a penis and assigned male at birth have grown up and become men, this is not always the case. Folks who identify with a non-binary gender or have transitioned may still have a prostate that might like to be pleasured. Because of this fact, we’d like to first squash the mentality that this is solely a “men’s topic” when that wouldn’t quite capture the reality of the diversity of bodies and identities that exists.


Myth #2: Enjoying anal/prostate stimulation or being penetrated makes you gay, feminine, etc.

Reality: This is one of the more common concerns when talking about prostate pleasure, specifically from straight, cisgender men. The concern stems from the idea that being penetrated is feminine or “a woman’s job”, but many folks with a matured sexual understanding know that this isn’t the case. Enjoying prostate stimulation does not mean you are gay (unless you want to identify as such) and there are ways to enjoy it alone or with a partner. The Ultimate Guide does a great job of addressing some of these concerns if it’s something still hanging in the back of your mind.

Myth #3: Folks with penises are only capable of quick, single orgasms.

Reality: So this is what we are told (and what many of us experience): that orgasms are a burst of sexual release, centralized to the genitals, and followed by a refractory period in which it can take a while to be able to receive stimulation again. I’m here to show you a door that opens into a land of different possibilities for orgasms! While penis orgasms tend to be intense but focused on the very local area of the penis, prostate orgasms tend to feel broader and can diffuse and last longer. This said, prostate stim can be a gateway to a completely different orgasmic experience.


As with anything, prostate stimulation may or not be for you. And that is ok! Knowledge should be available to everyone and we are happy to share some truths: whether you’re a cisgender man, transgender woman, gay, straight, pansexual, any other gender or sexual identity, prostate stimulation is certainly not off-limits to you and may, in fact, be quite pleasurable. For any further information, feel free to stop in and speak to any of our on-staff sex educators or check out The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure.

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