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Admittedly, I throw a lot of side eye or questionable looks at most “feminine wash” because 
traditional soap and other products can cause real problems for delicate areas, such as overdrying, bacteria, or yeast infection. Who needs that?! 

Let’s be real folks, when it comes to matters of the vulva, I take those matters seriously. So do the awesome folks at Sliquid, the people responsible for a wide range of lubricants and body-safe products with none of the harsh ingredients (parabens, glycerine, propylene glycol, etc) that can potentially leave your vagina feeling like hot magma. Thus leads us to the most important question - What is it that they [Sliquid] are bringing to the table with their feminine wash that outperforms other products on the market?


Products can be quite personal. We buy what we buy or support the companies we support for a reason. There is not a message associated with Splash that leaves you feeling as though your bits are gross, require intervention by the hygiene gods, or that the product that can strip away shame, dirt, or both. Bits should be cleaned and maintained in a way that is not shameful or considered to be anything other than part of a daily hygiene routine.


Furthermore, you can feel safe using this product. Sliquid Splash is pH balanced neutral and gentle. Boasting ingredients such as coconut oil derivatives (natural candidia fighters!), sea salt, flax and alfalfa extracts, this skin care remedy is ideal for cleansing and rejuvenating skin elasticity. You don’t have to check and re-check labels or wonder just what is in that bottle.  


Splash is available in 4 formulations: Unscented, Honeydew Cucumber, Grapefruit Thyme, and Mango Passion. Grapefruit Thyme is a Secret Pleasures staff favorite, but each formulation is just as lovely as the last. Make space in your bath or shower for this product, you won’t be disappointed!


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