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The legendary Magic Wand has received an update for those who want a powerful, feature-packed plug-in massager without the added cost of of the rechargeable variant.  

The Magic Wand Plus comes with a fresh design, all the power we expect from this classic, plus a few upgrades including:

  • Body-safe Silicone Head

  • 4 Intensity Levels

  • 6 Foot Cord (Removeable)

  • Compatibility with 100-240v power sources

The Magic Wand Plus update fills the gaps in what folks are looking for from this immeasurably popular wand vibe with the same consistent power many will crave!

Speaking of-- Crave, the creators of one of our favorite and most gift-worthy premium vibes, Vesper vibrating necklace, have introduced two equally gorgeous and unique vibe options for those who like their pleasure in discreet metallic form.

In all-metal design, both the Wink+ and Pocket Vibe offer powerful vibrations in small packages that can easily be stored in a pocket, purse, or bum bag.

Crave’s WInk+ is a rechargeable vibe with 5 speeds and 2 patterns, including an exciting wave option. At about the size of a mascara tube, WInk+ is perfect for travel or a titillating night out. For a more silky sensation, place the included silicone cap over the metal vibe and enjoy.

The slightly heftier Pocket Vibe is also rechargeable and has been designed for those who enjoy a more powerful and intense experience in a compact form. The Pocket Vibe includes 3 differently-textured silicone caps for changing up the sensation.

Both vibes are waterproof and hold a 1-Year Warranty.

Another wand option for those looking for something with a few more options than the classic Magic Wand, Le Wand has taken their shot at creating the best wand vibrator with Feel My Power wand. With a load of features and a stylish design on Le Wand’s Feel My Power Special Edition, we see a lot to get excited about. Check out some of those features here:

  • 10 Vibration Speeds and 20 Vibration Patterns

  • Flexible Body-Safe Silicone Head

  • Cordless and Fully Rechargeable

  • Splashproof & Easy to Clean

  • 1-Year Warranty & Lifetime Guarantee


Finally, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration is an updated take on the Satisfyer Pro 2 which has come to be known for its ability to summon clitoral orgasms nearly on-command. As you can imagine, the added vibration lifts the satisfyer to new satisfying levels, or as the company themselves put it:  never mind cloud 9, the new vibration function will take you to cloud 900”

The intensity truly has to be felt to be believed, but with 11 pulsation modes and 10 vibration settings, there’s every possibility that there’s a setting combo to suit everyone’s needs.

Check out our review of the original Satisfyer Pro 2 and other suction-based stimulator for more info on how these work.

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