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We are nearly a quarter into 2016! Can you believe it?! It seems like 2015 was just yesterday. With the holiday season is long gone, it is likely (birthday or anniversary aside) that you have not received many nice gifts in a while (I know I haven't!) Why not treat yourself to one of the newer products we are thrilled to showcase this spring?

Some of our newest products include two vibes, the We-Vibe Nova and We-Vibe Rave (both from the makers of the famed We-Vibe 4 Plus).

The Nova is We-Vibe’s take on the traditional dual-stimulation vibe that combines powerful G-Spot stimulation with clitoral vibration. The external stimulator is flexible, which is exciting because it allows the vibe to remain in contact with the clitoris and accommodates multiple vulval layouts. Like the We-Vibe 4 Plus, it is compatible with We-Vibe’s smartphone app that allows customization and control from anywhere in the world. Get connected!

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The We-Vibe Rave is a smooth, silicone coated vibe that is easy to hold. Its asymmetrical design allows G-Spot stimulation with pressure or twisting. Once again, the vibe is compatible with We-Connect, the We-Vibe app, available on both iOS and Android.


Last, but certainly not least, is the long-awaited Womanizer. SQUEE!! We can barely contain our excitement!


Now, if you’re hesitant about the name, admittedly we were too. A little research told us that the name is actually a poor translation of a German term that is more similar to “Cassa Nova”. But worry not, the Womanizer, despite its name, is able to be enjoyed by people of multiple genders and bodies without the negative connotations that come with the term. What excites us most about this revolutionary product is that it provides pleasure through both vibration and suction - a different experience than what is typically offered. It’s a sensation that you didn’t realize you were missing until you feel it.


Most important, take some time to go out and enjoy the lovely weather. And while you’re out, feel free to stop by and visit us; everyone on staff is ready and eager to show just how amazing these new products are! Maybe we can even bond over how glad we are that winter may finally be over.


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