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Wartenberg Wheel
Wartenberg Wheel

Wartenberg Pinwheel

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The Wartenberg wheel is a medical device created by Robert Wartenberg to test neurological impulses and reactions. They aren't used that much anymore in the medical field but are amazing as a sexual device to add new sensations. It can be used by anyone and pretty much anywhere.

Varying the speed and pressure, the Wartenberg wheel can be used for mild to extreme sensation and is a good tool for those into BDSM, but this device does not have to used in a rough way. This particular one comes with a very nice pouch to store it in discreetly.
  • Typically Wartenberg wheels all have similar dimensions and shape. This particular one is 6 7/8" in length. The handle is 1/2" wide at the largest point. Either side has three grooves in it for better grip and control. The wheel is an inch across with 1/4" spikes. The wheel rotates freely and there is a little space between the piece that secures it so it can move side to side slightly as well. The spikes are sharp and can leave marks or scrapes if you want it to or you are not careful. 

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