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Valentine's Day & Beyond: Oral Sex Skills

Valentine’s Day can inspire adventure, passion and reconnection in the bedroom. Whether you’ve been with your Valentine’s day babe for one night or one thousand nights, bringing something a little different to the bedroom is important. When we think about spicing things up in our sex lives, we can easily find ourselves down a rabbit hole of trying to learn how to do bondage, googling how to have painless anal and even thinking about threesomes. All of these are incredibly hot ways to bring something a little different to the bedroom - but let’s start with the staples of oral sex. Your oral sex game can always get better, and here are a few simple ways to surprise your Valentine with upgraded oral sex skills:

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More Pleasure, More Power: New year, New Erotic Possibilities!

More Pleasure, More Power

New year, new erotic possibilities! Pursuing more pleasure in your sex life can help you expand your confidence, your creativity and your communication both in and out of the bedroom. When you start to explore what feels good, what feels not so good and what feels even better - you can often discover a new way to get turned on! Exploring new erotic possibilities gives you the chance to play, to be curious and to expand sex beyond the pursuit of orgasms. Whether you want to get kinky, or you want to build more confidence in the bedroom, or you simply want to be more present in your body during sex - here are some ways to empower your sex life and have more pleasure:

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Ask A Sex Educator: Holiday Shopping Guide

Sex Toy Santa!

Give the gift of pleasure this holiday season with some sex toy treats! Buying sex toys for someone other than yourself can be fun and intimidating...How do you know what they will like? What if they get offended? Do you go for a traditional sex toy or new and exciting one? Here are some tips to help you pack pleasure into Christmas this year:

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Ask A Sex Educator: Dual Vibrators

Question: What’s a dual vibrator and should I get one?


Is more better? When it comes to sex toys, that depends on you, your body and your pleasure. Dual-action vibrators are not better than other vibrators, but some bodies prefer the type of double stimulation that’s possible with them.

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Ask A Sex Educator: Erotic Roleplay

Question: How can I get started with erotic roleplay?

Exploring fantasy and roleplay can add excitement, intimacy and sexy fun to your sex life. Whether you’re looking to spice things up, deepen an existing flavour or explore a different side of your erotic self, roleplay can offer an important component of our sex lives - play!

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