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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 10/5/2016 to How-To

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and we’ve brainstormed a few ways to actively participate. Whether you’ve got breasts or not*, there are ways to be aware of, acknowledge, and learn how to support breast cancer.

Domestic Violence Awareness Resource Guide

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 10/1/2016 to Ask A Sex Educator

In their Spread Love DC Guide, the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence stated “we are all impacted by domestic violence, and it’s the responsibility of everyone in our community to promote safety, respect and accountability.” With an average of nearly 20 people per minute in the United States experiencing physical abuse at the hands of an intimate partner, we strongly agree.

Sex educators are in a unique position to combat domestic violence. In conversations about pleasure, we must emphasize ongoing consent, communication, boundaries and healthy relationships. When we educate others we must offer information that is sensitive and inclusive of survivors. Every chance we get, we must speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault.