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We Heart Lube: Lube 101 (Revisited)

Posted by Nayla on 6/26/2017 to Tips & Guides

Most people know that we at Secret Pleasures have deep rooted love for lubricant. We’ve answered some questions (here and here) as well as written reviews (like this one) and posts (yup) about the topic. Despite this, the conversation never gets old because there are still many people who don't know about the benefits of lube. So for those that are new here as well as those who are more seasoned but may need a few reminders or updates here’s yet another awesome blog post addressing some common questions and explaining why you should lube it up, splash then bash, juice to jam, grease then please...y'all get the picture.

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Capital Pride Celebration Things To Do

Posted by Adrien on 6/5/2017 to Tips & Guides
Pride Flags.png

June is here, and that means Pride month is in full effect. We’ve put together a few ideas for uniquely prideful things to do this month. Check it out!