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Inclusionary Play Spaces

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 7/14/2016 to Tips & Guides

This post will switch between using person-first and identity-first language, be sure to ask an individual how they prefer to be referred to instead of assuming!

Inclusiveness is really important to us at Secret Pleasures, and we advocate that sex positive and kinky spaces be open to individuals of all ethnicities, races, classes, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual and romantic orientations, and abilities.

9 New Sex Toys For Summer Fun

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 7/5/2016
9 New Sex Toys For Summer Fun

With warm and humid weather well-established in our day-to-day at this point, many are seeking some cooler temperatures (or at least some sparse shade). While a visit to our store can provide some brief respite, it’s likely that many of our hot new items will do just the opposite in terms of preventing the body from becoming too warm. Check out some of our new offerings below and don’t worry, you can cool down afterwards.