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Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To?: Womanizer Vs. Satisfyer

Posted by Nayla on 8/25/2017 to Product Reviews

The Womanizer is a pretty infamous toy. There’s always some reviewer, some customer, or some random person in the grocery store pining over it or remarking on how great it is. “Best toy ever!” “Guaranteed orgasm.” “Just like oral sex.”

Of course once we started carrying the Satisfyer which claimed to serve a similar function, was waterproof, and $70.00 less with a gender-neutral name, customers had questions. All of them boiled down to whether the Satisfyer was a comparable but affordable option to the Womanizer or just a cheap, mediocre, knock off. Well, we couldn’t know unless we tried it. So here it is.


New and Improved Toys For Your Pleasure

Posted by Secret Pleasures Boutique on 8/7/2017 to Product Reviews

In some ways, it seems like Summer is preparing to come to an end almost as abruptly as it began. But no worries if you aren’t ready to let go of the vibrant heat and good times; we’ve got a few new additions to our ever-growing collection that may just keep things hot, regardless of whatever the climate is doing. Check it out!