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Exploring with Vibrators

Vibrators can be great for solo sex or sex with your partner. Using vibrators during masturbation can be an awesome way to explore your underserviced or undiscovered erogenous spots and help you identify what pressure, speed and rhythm gives you the most pleasure. With a partner, a vibrator can be an amazing way to spice things up, to continue pleasure beyond erections, to complement the pleasure that our bodies can provide us and to give your partner an orgasm the way they like to receive it. 

There are lots of different types of sex toys for every body. When exploring with a vibrator keep a few things in mind:

  1. Are you going after a particular erogenous zone? For example, there are vibrators that are designed to help you access the prostate, G-spot, and vibrators that focus on clitoral or nipple stimulation, and vibrators that thrust or warm up. Having more functions on a vibrator, doesn’t necessarily mean a better orgasm. Check out our video on shopping for dildos and vibrators to help you choose. 

  2. Get your body aroused first - touch other parts of your body other than your genitals and engage your erotic imagination with fantasies, porn or erotica. Massage your genitals on the least sensitive spots so you can layer sensations in increasing intensity.

  3. Use lube! Lube designed for sex adds a great texture between you and toy, which enhances sensation, reduces friction and creates a texture for touching that helps you take your time and not worry about losing a feel-good silky texture. 

Make sure you keep your toys clean. It can be tempted to throw it back in your nightstand drawer after each use, but using a toy cleaner or warm and soapy water to clean your toys helps extend their life and keeps your body safe from bacteria.

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