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Question: Are there sex toys for penises?

Answer: Yes, there are a variety of toys for penises!

We may have come across a lot of toys for stimulating and pleasuring vulvas, but what about toys for penises? The reality is a lot of toys that are marketed to women can also be used on men. Here are few categories of toys that are popular for penis pleasure:

Cock Rings

Cock rings are great for maintaining or strengthen erections temporarily. They can also vary, from simple rings to vibrating rings to rings that have attachments to swap in for different stimulation. 


Strokers are toys that are typically made of silicone and housed within a container to simulate a warm, squishy environment and people with penises use them to feel pleasure while stroking up and down on their penis. They are used with lube to improve pleasure texture. Fleshlights are a popular type of stroker and have shaped parts that mimic the opening of a vagina for an aesthetic pleasure to the user. An inexpensive way to try out a stroker is to check out Tenga Eggs. Some strokers have vibrators in them to take the pleasure up a notch. For a decadent experience, there are suction masturbators that aim to simulate blow jobs at an intense level. 

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps help build and trap blood flow in the penis. For some people this allows a harder, longer erection and for other people the pleasure comes from an increase in sensation, tingling, receptivity to stimulation (e.g. blow jobs, hand jobs).

Any vibrator

Any vibrator can be put against the hot spots of the penise to stimulate the nerve enders there. Many vibrators can also provide external stimulation through the perineum to gentle pleasure the prostate. If you’re looking specifically for prostate stimulation toys, check out our other video.

You can use toys on penises for masturbation, but also for partnered sex to spice up blow jobs and hand jobs and even for putting on a masturbation show to excite a partner! 

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